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Uncon Smore
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What is an unconference?

No keynotes! No panels! An opportunity to share even if you did not submit a proposal!
The focus is on informal peer-to-peer learning, PLN building, and sharing!
Want more //unconference// background?
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Join us!

On Friday, Nov. 15th, from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM in the Hartford Marriott Capitol Ballroom

AASL Smackdown - Preso

The focus is on informal, peer-to-peer learning, PLN building, and sharing.

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Stinkin Rockin Badge!

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Please volunteer:

  • to lead a conversation
  • to help with logistics
  • to suggest questions for exploration
  • to share in the final Smackdown
  • to promote the event using blogs, wikis, tweets, etc.
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Two strands of participant-driven conversations
Conversations Grid Link Add your idea for a conversation topic, and we will rearrange according to what seems to work best in the moment.
Stinks/rocks debates
Culminating Smackdown session
Swag!-- AASL UnCon Swag Pirate Spreadsheet


Help us get ready

Add a slide (or slides) to our Smackdown Google Doc.
Think of conversations you'd like to lead.
Contact Joyce Valenza if you'd like to help plan.

You can also download the #AASLUncon App by following the steps below
Download iPhone App: YappBox

Click "View a Yapp"

Enter your name & 4VTTCF

Click the blue ADD button in the top right hand corner then click on app to open: